Route28 Summits in Neurobiology

Adult neurogenesis: new perspectives
5 - 11 September 2014, Frauenchiemsee, Germany

The topic in 2014 was “Adult neurogenesis: new perspectives”

Adult neurogenesis remains a topic full of surprises. Almost 50 years after Joseph Altman's initial description the field is vibrant and controversial. Only this year it was reported that there might be adult neurogenesis in the human striatum—what might be coming up next? This year's Route28 workshop for PhD students and postdocs focuses on the frontiers of adult neurogenesis research and discusses the white spots on the map and the big question—where this all is leading to. Route28 is open to all PhD students (usually at least in their 2nd or 3rd year) and postdoctoral fellows with an interest in adult neurogenesis and adult neural stem cell biology. You do not necessarily have to work directly on the topic. In any event, you will have to make a good case for why you should be selected for participation. As in the years before, we are looking for an interesting mix of people who bring a full range of expertise and ideas.